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  • Integrative Therapy in Marin, California

    marin california integrative therapyElana Morgulis is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Healing Arts Practitioner. Her integrative approach to online therapy blends traditional psychotherapy with contemporary mind-body practices and healing arts.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused sweeping modifications and challenges in our daily lives, and many people are dealing with the loss of loved ones or extended suffering as a result of the virus. Whether you’re coping with stress, conflict, boundary issues, self-esteem concerns, substance abuse, or just aren’t feeling right, Marin Psychotherapist are here to help. Whatever you are going through, you don’t need to go through it alone. 

    Online Psychotherapy for Individuals

    There is never a wrong time to seek individual therapy if you think you need it. Although mental health stigma may tell you that you need a reason to go to therapy, your reason can be as simple as “I think I could be doing better.” When you book a session with me, we tailor each visit to your needs. With a combination of talk therapy and contemporary mind-body practices, we will explore the sources of discomfort, fear, anger, or negativity in your life and work with tools that can teach you how to manage them.

    Online Couples Therapy in Marin

    There are many reasons why partners in a relationship decide to attend couples’ therapy. Sometimes, it’s following an incident of adultery or betrayal. Other times, it’s prior to marriage to lay a solid foundation of emotional understanding. When one person ties their life to another, challenges and differences are bound to come up. To survive the ups, downs, and grey areas of life, a couple must learn to navigate their path together.

    In our Marin, California couples therapy sessions, our time together is a safe and sacred space for you and your partner to work with each other. I believe we all have a natural capacity for growth, healing, and self-actualization that gets buried by our life experiences. To escape from these self-defeating cycles and reach our potential, we have to rise to the challenge both as individuals and as partners. In couples therapy, I will teach you the tools to do so.

    Conditions I Treat:

    • Anxiety
    • Inner critic
    • Self-esteem, Self-worth, and Self-care
    • Codependent Personality (cultivating confidence, communication skills, setting
    • healthy boundaries)
    • Relationship & Dating issues
    • Life Changes & Transitions
    • Stress
    • Depression
    • Grief & Loss

    Integrative Approach to Psychotherapy

    During my undergraduate studies, I fell in love with the practice of Yoga and completed a personally transformative training that now influences my practice and approach to healing. I blend mindfulness-based therapies such as Somatic (body-oriented) Awareness and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. In this fast-paced world that we live in, slowing down and simply being in the present moment sometimes feels impossible. Mindfulness allows us to soften around the edges and decompress. In our sessions together, I provide a safe place for you to be yourself and show up as you are.

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