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    Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety

    A 6 week self-guided course to help you learn how to feel at ease and improve your well-being.

    Many of us have been struggling with anxiety throughout our whole lives experiencing spiraling thoughts, panic attacks, or a general sense of worry. Some of us have had recent major life stressors, such as a new job, a break up, the death of a loved one, or say… a global pandemic, leaving us feeling totally overwhelmed and struggling with uncertainty. Maybe you’re having difficulty sleeping, stomach and head aches, tension in your jaw, neck, and shoulders. So many of us tend to beat ourselves up trying to be perfect in times of difficulty.

    Anxiety and stress can feel impossible to overcome without specific tools that disrupt the cycle of the stress response that occurs in our nervous system. Mindfulness meditation offers us not only the tools, but also a consistent inner resource to find freedom from our suffering.

    That’s why I paired up with Dr. Ellis Edmunds, PsyD to offer our 6-week course: Everyday Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety

    This is a self-guided e-course with each module delivered to you and designed to help you learn more than just the basics of mindfulness practice so you can:

    • Reduce stress so you can have more clarity of mind
    • Let go of obsessive thoughts so you can sleep peacefully at night
    • Be kind and compassionate to yourself
    • Learn to slow down so you can decrease burn-out
    • Know your emotions better which can improve relationships
    • Calm anxiety so you can feel more joy and ease

    Each week you’ll receive an email with written content, informational videos, and guided meditations tailored to a specific theme to help you learn the tools and create a regular mindfulness practice.

    These mindfulness exercises are simple and easy to practice. No previous meditation experience is necessary.

    Weekly Curriculum:

    WEEK 1

    Getting into the Present Moment

    Do you get caught up in the future or the past? In week 1 we discuss what mindfulness is, and you’ll learn practices to stay in the present moment.

    WEEK 2

    Becoming the Observer

    Does anxiety overwhelm you? In week 2 you’ll learn to take a step back and begin taking control over anxiety.

    WEEK 3

    Finding Space from Difficulty

    Is it hard to stop your mind from running or emotions from taking over? In week 3 you’ll learn how to create separation from what is stressing you out.

    WEEK 4


    Does it feel like you’re in a struggle with yourself? In week 4 you’ll learn how to drop the struggle and feel more peace.

    WEEK 5

    Cultivating Self-Compassion

    Do you beat yourself up for what you’re going through? In week 5 you’ll learn to tame the inner critic and start loving yourself.

    WEEK 6

    Mindful Relating and Gratitude

    Do you have trouble speaking up in relationships? In week 6 you’ll learn how to bring mindfulness into your relationships, and help you create a gratitude practice.

    What our participants have to say

    “I highly recommend this series if you are looking to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life – especially if you struggle with anxiety.  Each week I looked forward to coming to this peaceful, safe space and no matter what mindset I’m in I learned how to use my breathing and meditation to calm my body, my mind, and my inner critic.”

    Erica, 34

    “I highly recommend this course. Elana and Ellis have calming presences and are super knowledgeable. This was very helpful for me in dealing with anxiety and being more mindful intentionally and consistently.”

    Ben, 30

    “Ellis and Elana are very committed to the class and the attendees. Their meditations are soothing and powerful. You need to try this group.”

    Anonymous participant

    “The course creates a great and helpful space to develop a variety of practical techniques to create everyday mindfulness that really reduces daily stress. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and open to helping everyone learn and practice.”

    Anonymous participant

    “Thank you so much Elana, between you and Robin’s yin yoga I can see myself becoming much healthier RIGHT NOW”


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