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  • Integrative Therapy in Santa Rosa, California


    Elana Morgulis is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200), and Certified Healing Arts Practitioner.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed and complicated our daily lives, and many people are coping with the loss of loved ones or lengthy illness as a result of the virus. Whether you’re experiencing stress, conflict, boundary difficulties, self-esteem concerns, substance abuse, or just aren’t feeling right, Santa Rosa Psychotherapist are here to assist.

    Integrative Approach to Psychotherapy

    My approach to psychotherapy is integrative, which means that I draw on a variety of therapeutic techniques depending on what will be most helpful for each individual. This includes talk therapy, experiential work (such as art therapy or somatic therapy), mindfulness and meditation, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Whatever mental health goals you may have, or even if you don’t have a clear goal in mind, our sessions can guide you towards a future in which you are able to tolerate stress and seek out joy.

    What to Expect in Individual Therapy Sessions

    Our sessions together will be tailored specifically to your needs. We may focus on talk therapy, exploring and understanding the thoughts and emotions that are causing you distress. We may also do some experiential work, using activities or exercises to help you understand how past experiences are impacting your current life. I believe that it is important for each person to find their own path to healing, so I work with you to figure out what will be most helpful for you.

    I am here to offer you any assistance you may need while working with me. Whatever your experience level is, whether it’s your first time in therapy or you’ve been going it alone for years, we’ll work together to figure out what sorts of comprehensive therapies would be best suited to whatever brought you into my office. Holistic psychotherapy has a vast array of benefits, including the freedom to share without fear of judgement, an outside perspective on your unique situation with a trained professional, and strategies to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression. I provide a compassionate ear and abiding support to all of my clients, regardless of race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. If you’re looking for a Santa Rosa therapist who will meet you where you are and help you grow into your best self, please contact me today.

    Couples Therapy in Santa Rosa, California

    Relationships can be complicated and difficult, even in the best of times. With all that is going on right now (social distancing, staying at home), couples are dealing with unprecedented challenges and stressors. If you are feeling disconnected from your partner or you need help managing conflict in your relationship, I offer couples therapy sessions to help strengthen and maintain communication and connection.

    If You’re Unsure About Therapy

    If you are considering therapy but are not sure if it is right for you, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to discuss my practice and answer any questions you may have. I also offer free consultations, so we can talk to see if working together feels like a good fit for both of us.


    Serving Alameda, Marin, Oakland, and Santa Rosa.