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  • Psychotherapy in Alameda, CA

    alameda california psychotherapyElana Morgulis is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200), and Certified Healing Arts Practitioner.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes and challenges in our daily lives, and many may be struggling with the loss of loved ones or prolonged suffering due to the virus. Whether you are navigating stress, conflict, boundaries, self-esteem issues, substance abuse, or just not feeling quite right, Alameda therapists are available to help. Now more than ever is the time to prioritize your mental well-being. Whatever you are going through, you don’t need to go through it alone. 

    Mindfulness-Based Integrative Approach to Psychotherapy

    I use a mindfulness-based integrative approach to psychotherapy, which combines different therapeutic techniques based on the needs of each individual client. This includes talk therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion focused therapy (EFT), mindfulness, and somatic experiencing. I integrate these therapies to provide a safe space for you to discuss any issues that come up in our sessions together. Each of my clients is unique and comes from different backgrounds with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. We will work together to identify what is causing you distress and find solutions that work best for you.

    Alameda Individual Therapy

    I provide a safe, healing space for those seeking individual therapy in the Bay Area. In individual therapy, your needs drive the way we structure our sessions and weeks together. With a combination of talk therapy and experiential techniques, we explore and identify what is holding you back or what incorrect assumptions you may be living by. Whatever mental health goals you may have, or even if you don’t have a clear goal in mind, our sessions can guide you towards a future in which you are able to tolerate stress and seek out joy.

    Alameda Couples Therapy

    If you have been searching for a sign that it’s time to attend couples therapy, take this as your opportunity to do so. Committing to therapy with your partner is one of the best things you can do to grow closer. Understanding how to establish healthy boundaries, meet each other’s physical and emotional needs, and communicate effectively is the foundation of a relationship. Sometimes, these things do not come naturally to us – so we have to learn. Couples therapy can teach you and your partner the tools and skills to build a life together.

    Online Therapy Available

    During these challenging times, I offer online therapy to all of my clients. Whether you live in Alameda or elsewhere in the Bay Area, telehealth is a wonderful resource for receiving therapy in your own home.

    If You’re Unsure About Therapy

    If you are considering therapy but are not sure if it is right for you, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to discuss my practice and answer any questions you may have. I also offer free consultations, so we can talk to see if working together feels like a good fit for both of us.

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