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    5 Minute Morning Meditation

    (5 mins) A quick morning meditation to support you in centering yourself and opening to the day. You’ll be guided through a simple breathing practice and to focus on points of the body that promote a sense of openness.

    Three Centers Check-in

    (12 mins) A guided meditation to help you check in with yourself in a way that supports relaxation, calm, and peace.

    A Mindfulness Meditation

    (17 mins) A basic, centering mindfulness meditation.


    Body Scan

    (10 mins) In this guided body scan we move our awareness through the body in a way that helps us practice being in the present moment. This can help with relaxation.

    Centering Meditation

    (5 mins) A quick meditation to help you center yourself.

    4 Part Breath Technique

    (3 mins) A guided breathing practice also known as “box breathing” that may help to soothe and reduce anxiety and stress.

    Mindful Breathing Practice

    (10 mins) A mindful breathing practice that blends various techniques where the breath is at the center of our awareness.

    Yoga Nidra

    (22 mins) Yoga Nidra is a yogic practice translating to “yogic sleep” that cultivates a state of conscious rest. It incorporates a body scan and guided visualization to tap into a state of relaxed awareness similar to when we are between wakefulness and sleep.

    Extended Exhale Breathing Practice

    (5 mins) A guided breathing technique that helps to soothe and ground. Inhalations and exhalations increase and decrease heart rate, respectively. This practice may help to calm anxiety and stress by slowing down the heart rate.

    Grounding Into the Present

    (14 mins) A guided meditation focused on grounding by connecting to the present moment.

    Walking Meditation

    (10 mins) A guided walking meditation where we focus on the 5 senses.