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    Embracing April’s Symbolism: Renewal, Growth, and Transformation

    As we step into April, I want to take a moment to reflect on the symbolism of this month and how it weaves into our journey as humans. March and April are about renewal, growth, and transformation, offering us an opportunity to explore these concepts within ourselves and the greater context of our lives. 

    One part of what I help people with is identifying patterns in their lives that have created pain and stuckness in order to break free.

    When the pandemic hit at this time 4 years ago, not only did it cause pain, anxiety, depression, and a very literal stuckness, but it illuminated our shadows, situations, patterns, habits, and dynamics that weren’t serving us. We had such a gift when the world stopped because life slowed down. We had the time and space to pause and look at our patterns. To tend to those areas that needed our attention and healing. Going to therapy became normalized; Seeking support and self-care embraced. Now that the world has resumed, life has sped up, and we’re not taking the time and space to tend to ourselves and our relationships. 

    Even though life has resumed, we all still struggle. We’re still human after all. A survey by the American Psychological Association suggests the widespread traumas of recent years (and currently) continue to impact us collectively.

    So, I’m starting Tend To Yourself Thursdays to slow us back down, and provide a moment of check-in, reflection, and offer tools to do just that – tend to yourself so you can re-connect with your worth, break old patterns, and navigate life with strength and grace. These will come in a short email every Thursday with tools, practices, reflections, and insights to support and inspire.

    This week, I invite you to incorporate a mindfulness practice of mindful walking. We all took to walking like no other during the pandemic. It’s an accessible practice that helps us connect to the present moment by attuning to the sights, sounds, and elements of nature. 

    During your mindful walk, you might gently reflect on the following:

    • Where are you standing at a growth edge in your life?
    • How are you navigating an ending or a new beginning?
    • Where are you being nudged to speak up in a way you haven’t before?
    • Have you felt unfulfilled in some way, considering a change or new pursuit?
    • Are you feeling overwhelmed, struggling to find balance or set healthy boundaries?
    • Turning inward, what parts of yourself have you ignored that want to be seen?

    As we navigate the complexities of our lives, it’s important to remember that growth often comes hand in hand with vulnerability. May this month teach us to embrace vulnerability as a strength in the face of uncertainty, trusting in our innate capacity to heal and grow.

    My group of lovely clinicians and I are here for it, and we’re here for you. Schedule a free consultation.