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    Tend To Yourself Thursday {7/4}: Understanding True Emotion Regulation

    Welcome to another Tend To Yourself Thursday. 

    Have you idealized calmness or stoicism in the name of “keeping it cool, calm and collected?” I know this one well. It’s an unrealistic expectation and leads to feeling frustrated with ourselves when emotions naturally fluctuate. It’s hindered my own authentic self-expression which actually keeps me emotionally healthy.

    Another common misconception related to emotional wellness: the belief that nervous system/emotion regulation means being calm all the time.

    True emotion regulation is not about achieving constant calmness. Instead, it’s about developing the ability to respond to our emotions with flexibility and resilience. In psychotherapy, we learn to recognize, understand, and respond to emotions in a healthy way, rather than suppressing, judging, or ignoring them.

    This week, practice labeling emotions to support emotion regulation:

    • Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths.
    • Notice any emotions that arise and give them a neutral label (e.g., worry).
    • Accept the presence of these emotions without trying to change them.
    • Reflect on what these emotions might be communicating about your needs.
    • Respond in alignment. You might practice a grounding technique, decide to talk to someone, repeat a supportive statement, or play with your dog.

    Emotion labeling is a form of mindfulness in action. It’s the first step, and it creates the space to choose your response to any given stimulus whether external or internal. If you need support on this journey, please don’t hesitate to respond to this email or book a free consultation.

    Wishing you a week of balanced emotional awareness and resilience.