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    Psychotherapy with Erica

    “Everything in the universe is within you.” – Rumi

    The shape of modern society leaves little space for making sense of our experiences, the choices we make, our purpose, our grief, even our very identity. The unnatural constructs of time and expectations upon which we function are like petri dishes for the shame and disappointment we feel towards ourselves. Such feelings cascade into our sense of isolation and separateness from one another.

    Therapy provides a space to push against these constructs; to peel back the veil and discover what lies beneath – our truth, our connectedness, our deservedness. The therapeutic process is founded in unconditional acceptance, authenticity, nuance, simplicity, complexity, and appreciation for all aspects of existence.

    I sit with you as an engaged observer and honored learner. I present as no authority but as a willing participant with an appreciation for humor and absurdity, creativity and playfulness, openness and non-judgment, warmth and ease.

    My approach implements ideas and techniques from various therapeutic modalities while being centered in a psychodynamic core. This means that my listening reaches beyond the spoken word and seeks to identify subconscious patterns and themes in order to inform your journey of self-discovery and understanding. Knowing that spoken word can be a limiting means of communication and expression, I invite all processes to inform my understanding of you as I follow your lead through our work together. As a certified practitioner of Brainspotting, I use this modality specifically designed to be a means of processing traumas without the need to verbalize our most painful memories will also be available to you in our work together.

    My work is largely influenced by the wisdoms of the natural world and continuously inspired by each of my clients. Beyond formal education, my explorations of somatic and yogic practices have also informed the development of my therapeutic style. Using these foundations, I am available to guide you through meditative practices in effort to foster internal curiosity within a safe and confidential frame.

    Issues I treat:

    Self-esteem and shame
    Relationship issues
    Trauma processing
    Self-discovery and identity development
    Intrusive thoughts and compulsive behavior
    Exploration of neurodivergence
    Addiction and eating disorder recovery


    Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (#139807)
    Supervised by Elana Morgulis, LMFT (#99751)

    JFK School of Psychology at National University
    M.A. in Holistic Clinical Counseling Certificate in Trauma Studies
    Phase I Brainspotting Training at Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center

    My fee for 50 minute sessions is $135.
    I offer a sliding scale for those in need.

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